Thursday, March 5, 2009

Web Hosting for Non Profit Groups

Snippet from site of what was forwarded:

" Hostgator is Giving Back' HostGator Technology Grant:
The HostGator Technology Grant provides one year of completely FREE web hosting on HostGator's Business Hosting Plan to all qualifying non-profits that are selected by HostGator management. The Business Hosting Plan provides customers with 1,000 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to host unlimited domains. Alternatively, the cash value of the plan ($180) can also be applied as a discount to any other HostGator product or service.

It goes on to say that 'Qualifying organizations simply need to fill out an application form
to be evalutated. Their offices are in Texas and Brazil - which is closer than you think on the
internet highway....

might be worth looking into and 'evaulating them also'!


  1. Hello !

    I must say a lot of hosting companies do provide free or half price hosting for not-for-profit charity groups. It's a matter of asking.

    One thing no one should do, is accept the offer of free domain name + web hosting. The domain will not be registered in your name and should you attempt to move to another web hosting company or should the web hosting company not renew the domain name, you're out of luck AND have lost your domain name, unless you have deep enough pockets to "buy back" the name, and it probably will not be at $10 but more likely at 100 or 1,000 or 10,000.

    I've dealt with hostgator, godaddy and lunarpages - all three are consistently in the top 10 north american webhosting companies for reliability, price and service. I've also dealt with smaller companies, some were great, others caused me a lot of grief.

    Backups is an issue which should not be overlooked. When buying hosting, the user normally has access to a control panel, which includes a backup feature. The user can generate a backup and download it on its home computer. If anything goes wrong, this backup can be uploaded back to the server and restored. With free space or lesser hosting companies, there is no user-controlled backup feature. If there is a glitch, the data may or may not be restored. The data is not exportable to another server either...

    If it is purely for information (no shopping cart built-in), not-for-profit groups without operating funds would do well to spend the $10-15 for domain name registration and then point it to a free Google (site or blog) or free Wordpress (blog). It's a re-direction done from the domain registrar pointing to the google or wordpress space.

    Both Google and Wordpress blogs have an extensive choice of free templates or users so inclined can built their own or buy usually for less than $100 a very attractive template.. The Google Sites is unfortunately very week in that area - but I expect it will improve.

    Google and Wordpress are DIY : no special software/knowledge is required. It's all done online and well documented help features are available. Website enhancements or updates can be collaborative efforts, which is a side-benefit to cloud computing. No one needs to be at the mercy of a webmaster's availability.

    Wordpress allows for static pages. Google blog doesn't - unless you use a cumbersome workaround. Both allow to hook up with Google advertising - to sell advertising space and hopefully earn a few dollars.

    (Shopping carts are possible with google and wordpress, but I wouldn't advise a business to rely on a free service for this purpose.)

    OK - well, these were my words of wisdom this morning.

    Dyane Ménard

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