Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer Art in the Park Thunderbay

Below is a snippet of an email I recieved from Lorraine at the Painted Turtle
regarding Thunder Bays Art in the park this summer and how to apply.

"The Summer in the Parks Program is "Art of the Harbour" which is the art and craft part of the concert series which happen 9 Wed. evenings. The application forms are here at the Painted Turtle and it is with me that you would book. You can book one evening or the whole 9 if you like. What you get is a 10 x 10 ft tent and the opportunity to sell to those who attend the concerts. The cost to rent the tent and space is $40 per evening. That space can be shared if you know someone who would like to share the cost with you. "

for more information - stop in at the Painted Turtle

Tutorial on Colour Theory

There is a wonderful site - that also has e-newsletters - called

They offer business advice for artists, do a feature artist and provide these wonderful online tutorials.
I just finished the colour theory series and even though a lot of it was a rehash of things
I already knew - it was a nice refresher for any artist of any level.

They also have blogger/art debates, polls, contests and more.....
happy reading.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lake Superior, the North Shore: An Artists View

On April 30 - the touring exhibit of 'Lake Superior, the North Shore: An Artists view' kicks off with a first showing in Terrace Bay at the Superior North Office at 7 Mill Rd from 3pm to 6pm
Artists Rita Chisholm, Laura Lea Comeau and Douglas Hunt have painted locations from
Ross Port to Marathon in acrylics, oils and watercolours.

The next stop for the exhibit is the Marathon Public Library on May 13th for two weeks.

The exhibit will also be shown during the Schreibers Heritage Days festival July 14th to the 19th
at the Recreation Centre.

The open exhibit is free to the public.

If any community would like more information regarding scheduling the works for exhibiton in your community this summer - the contact email is

Friday, March 27, 2009

An interesting link: View on the Art Expo

I recieved my usual Email from VoCA - Canadian arts - and there was a link to a wonderful article by Andrea Carson, a writer on contemporary art and architecture. Her articles appear in ARTnews, Art Review, Canadian Art, ect ect on a regular basis.

Her comment was that its a good place to discover work by other artists who may not have gallery representation either and that its a good way to network, to which I agree.

I included the link to her page and there are several good reading articles there including one regarding 'Art Advisors', 'verrrrry interrresting...!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top 100 Ontario Arts Festivals

Here is another site called Ontario Festivals Visited.
Excellent listings and by season.
All listed are 2008 events but the listings contain a link
to that events web page - which is really helpful in streamlining
your search and the area or location you are looking at.
It contains festivals from Thundeay to Sault Ste Marie for
artists of our area besides the obvious Toronto and Ottawa venues.

Ontario Art Fair locations and events

This site lists everything in Ontario from beginning to end
there are a lot of pages to wade through but mounds of valuable
information and dates for 2009. One draw back to the site, it is
still listing the 2008 dates - so watch out for that when searching
the locations. It has a 90 day free use of the site for detailed information.
The free 90 pass will give you event names but not the full details - I
recommend to then look up that specific event for its own web page
to get the rest of the information. Happy Browsing!

Arts and Crafts listing site at

On the Web site under Arts/Crafts Business
there is a section that revues Arts and Craft venues by those who have
participated. It gives you an idea of the volumn of sales at that particular event, a
rating on the promoters and the atmosphere and weather or not that exhibitor
feels it is worth the return. There are some interesting comments and some
insightful thoughts on the art/craft fair circuit in Ontario.
It also provides a listing link to yearly Craft fairs in the US and Canada.

Just a reminder: these are personal opinions and take them as such. ;-)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ARTpreneur Conferance in Kenora

Title of flyer: calling all painters, musicians, designers, dancers, actors, writers,
photographers, filmakers, singers and craftpersons

A conferance all day session is being held in Kenora on tues March 31, 2009 at the NorthWest
Business Center - Best Western Lakeside Inn

Fee is 20.00 for early registration - 30.00 after March 15th.

Workshops include: Successful selling strategies, grant proposal writing, art and money, and more
Features: ' Courage of the Artist', funding opportunities, success stories and more

Registration Form can be found on line at their web site.

Web Hosting for Non Profit Groups

Snippet from site of what was forwarded:

" Hostgator is Giving Back' HostGator Technology Grant:
The HostGator Technology Grant provides one year of completely FREE web hosting on HostGator's Business Hosting Plan to all qualifying non-profits that are selected by HostGator management. The Business Hosting Plan provides customers with 1,000 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to host unlimited domains. Alternatively, the cash value of the plan ($180) can also be applied as a discount to any other HostGator product or service.

It goes on to say that 'Qualifying organizations simply need to fill out an application form
to be evalutated. Their offices are in Texas and Brazil - which is closer than you think on the
internet highway....

might be worth looking into and 'evaulating them also'!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

CAO - Community Arts of Ontario

Community Arts of Ontario

'Community arts Ontario is an arts service organization that currently represents
a network of arts agencies, insititutions across Ontario and close to 40 individual artists'

Available with membership:
*updates on government policies and grants
*discounts on workshops, conferences ect
*networking opportunties
*group insurance plans and liability insurance
* news letter every 4 months
* voting priveledges

Based in Toronto - there is a lot more information on the web page along with
information from past conferences.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Douglas Hunt - Watercolourist - Schreiber

The North Shore Gallery of Douglas Hunt

If you would like to see some superb watercolours of our
area from Marathon to Rossport - check out Doug's
online Gallery. He also sells many of his works at
The Serendipity Restraunt located in Rossport.
His watercolour called ' The Cold Road Home' is so
realistic that you almost feel like you are part of the
painting particpating in the ride on down the highway!

Image Trekkers of Thunder Bay - Photographers

Image Trekkers is a photography group based in Thunder Bay
which was founded
in 2005. It includes professionals and amateurs
who get together to hike and
photograph around the area. They maintain a store in Thunder Bay
at 1186 Memorial
Ave. You can also contact them via the links
on their web page.

I went through the members photo albums on the site and the photos
are absolutely gorgeous!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Thunder Bay workshop on Saturday Feb 28

Snippet from a facebook posting:

" Paul Hegarty is a professor at the University College Cork, Ireland, specializing in thought & visual culture and is a practising sound artist comprising installation and performance work as well as specializing in Japanese Noise Music. This is an informational/hands on workshop and talk open to the public"

Noise Music event hosted by Definately Superior of Thunderbay
who: Paul Hegarty - Ireland ( Japanese Noise Music )
when: Saturday Feb 28th
time: 2pm
where: 205 Park Avenue - Definately Superior Gallery

Sounds very interesting!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Musician Don Charbonneau of Wawa Ontario

Check out folk musician Don Charbonneau and his songs written about Lake Superior and all its glory

click on the link for a sampling ! or to order a CD

Lakeshore events and exhibitons 2009 - March

Another new note came in:

Major Studio Exhibition
Lake Head University Graduates and the TB art Gallery
on March 13th, 2009
time: 7-10pm

it will feature artists
Vernon Allan, J Andrews, Lis Buset, K Clarey, D Maluzynsky, Alyx Sparkles ( love that name )
Barbara Richards and Kim Warrick

the show will be on exhibiton from March 6th to March 29th in Thunder Bay

link to their site:

Lakeshore events and exhibitons 2009 Feb-March

Here is a note that came in via facebook: ( link at end )

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS TO URBAN INFILL- Art in the Core(TO REGISTERED MEMBERS OF Definitely Superior Art Gallery ONLY call 344-3814 with membership inquiries)Definitely Superior member artists are invited to submit up to two artworks for their participation in the annual Urban Infill- Art in the Core art exhibition taking place downtown March 18th-21st. FIVE NEW EMPTY RETAIL SPACES in the downtown core with will be converted into arts/cultural spaces with over 350 artists converging to exhibit their art over the duration of the projects. The DefSup Members Show represents one aspect of some 20 projects in the core, offering the opportunity for regional artists to share exhibition spaces with LU Visual Arts Students, Confederation College Film and Multi-Media Students, as well as the performative arts- Wearable Art and Window art Performances, Projections, Bands/DJ's-Urban Art-Graffiti/Skateboard Culture- Urban Infill Tour Guides. The idea: that with vision and innovative arts and business we can fill up the empty spaces and help to connect and create a unique urban arts district which will include Commercial art galleries/Artist Studios. CBC Radio wants to cover this on location during opening night which is to be broadcast nationally and will involve interviews from artists, audience, retailers, etc.DROP OFF ART TUES MARCH 10TH-SAT. MARCH 14TH 2009at Definitely Superior Art Gallery 250 Park Ave.URBAN INFILL-ART IN THE CORE20 PROJECTS-350 ARTISTS-15 DOWNTOWN LOCATIONS- LAST YEAR 4,500 IN ATTENDANCE

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Art Along Lake Superior

In the days to come, I will be listing artists, and any art related 'going' ons as they
come in for 2009

Please feel free to email me through my web address

We have many high quality producing artists located from ThunderBay

down to Manitowaudge