Friday, March 27, 2009

An interesting link: View on the Art Expo

I recieved my usual Email from VoCA - Canadian arts - and there was a link to a wonderful article by Andrea Carson, a writer on contemporary art and architecture. Her articles appear in ARTnews, Art Review, Canadian Art, ect ect on a regular basis.

Her comment was that its a good place to discover work by other artists who may not have gallery representation either and that its a good way to network, to which I agree.

I included the link to her page and there are several good reading articles there including one regarding 'Art Advisors', 'verrrrry interrresting...!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top 100 Ontario Arts Festivals

Here is another site called Ontario Festivals Visited.
Excellent listings and by season.
All listed are 2008 events but the listings contain a link
to that events web page - which is really helpful in streamlining
your search and the area or location you are looking at.
It contains festivals from Thundeay to Sault Ste Marie for
artists of our area besides the obvious Toronto and Ottawa venues.

Ontario Art Fair locations and events

This site lists everything in Ontario from beginning to end
there are a lot of pages to wade through but mounds of valuable
information and dates for 2009. One draw back to the site, it is
still listing the 2008 dates - so watch out for that when searching
the locations. It has a 90 day free use of the site for detailed information.
The free 90 pass will give you event names but not the full details - I
recommend to then look up that specific event for its own web page
to get the rest of the information. Happy Browsing!

Arts and Crafts listing site at

On the Web site under Arts/Crafts Business
there is a section that revues Arts and Craft venues by those who have
participated. It gives you an idea of the volumn of sales at that particular event, a
rating on the promoters and the atmosphere and weather or not that exhibitor
feels it is worth the return. There are some interesting comments and some
insightful thoughts on the art/craft fair circuit in Ontario.
It also provides a listing link to yearly Craft fairs in the US and Canada.

Just a reminder: these are personal opinions and take them as such. ;-)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ARTpreneur Conferance in Kenora

Title of flyer: calling all painters, musicians, designers, dancers, actors, writers,
photographers, filmakers, singers and craftpersons

A conferance all day session is being held in Kenora on tues March 31, 2009 at the NorthWest
Business Center - Best Western Lakeside Inn

Fee is 20.00 for early registration - 30.00 after March 15th.

Workshops include: Successful selling strategies, grant proposal writing, art and money, and more
Features: ' Courage of the Artist', funding opportunities, success stories and more

Registration Form can be found on line at their web site.

Web Hosting for Non Profit Groups

Snippet from site of what was forwarded:

" Hostgator is Giving Back' HostGator Technology Grant:
The HostGator Technology Grant provides one year of completely FREE web hosting on HostGator's Business Hosting Plan to all qualifying non-profits that are selected by HostGator management. The Business Hosting Plan provides customers with 1,000 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to host unlimited domains. Alternatively, the cash value of the plan ($180) can also be applied as a discount to any other HostGator product or service.

It goes on to say that 'Qualifying organizations simply need to fill out an application form
to be evalutated. Their offices are in Texas and Brazil - which is closer than you think on the
internet highway....

might be worth looking into and 'evaulating them also'!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

CAO - Community Arts of Ontario

Community Arts of Ontario

'Community arts Ontario is an arts service organization that currently represents
a network of arts agencies, insititutions across Ontario and close to 40 individual artists'

Available with membership:
*updates on government policies and grants
*discounts on workshops, conferences ect
*networking opportunties
*group insurance plans and liability insurance
* news letter every 4 months
* voting priveledges

Based in Toronto - there is a lot more information on the web page along with
information from past conferences.